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How to request a TP member

The Trainers' Pool has been created and functions only for the service of the activities of the youth sector of the Council of Europe. In a response to growing demand from various partners, the Youth Department accepts to put trainers into contact with potential contractors and vice-versa. This is done solely with the purpose of contributing to the quality and recognition of non-formal learning activities across Europe and to support the development of quality youth work and programmes. The Youth Department secretariat’s role is solely to pass on requests for trainers (or calls for expressions of interest) to the Pool members and, if necessary and requested, to provide an opinion about the trainers interested.

The secretariat of the Youth Department can not:

-       Select trainers for external training sessions or activities;

-       Interfere in the conditions of the contract between trainers and their contractors;

-       Supervise the implementation of the contract by the trainers and contractors;

-       Evaluate the performance of the trainers;

-       Be held responsible for the (non) compliance of the trainers or their contractors with their contractual obligations.

The secretariat of the Youth Department is interested in receiving feed-back on the usefulness of this service and the satisfaction of the partners.

How does this work in practice?

  1. Any interested organisation or institution interested in contacting a trainer from the Pool is kindly requested to complete this template:
  2. A template for expressions of interest is also available here: 
  3. The secretariat of the Youth Department screens the call and posts it to the Trainers Pool (by email or in the Internet pages of the Pool).

The secretariat avails itself the right not post calls that are manifestly incomplete.

Please note:

  1. The trainers interested in the call reply directly to the organisation using the form provided with the call.
  2. The organisation or institution interested decides as they see best to take contact with the trainers.
  3. The Youth Department has no other involvement in the process.

 External partners looking for a trainer should send their ‘Call for Expression of Interest’ to